Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Can it really be that 2007 has come and gone? Well one look at the calander will tell you indeed 2008 has arrived. With the passing of one year, and arrival of a new one it got me to asking a few questions.

Perhaps the most important question I asked myself is, what will my New Year's resolution be for this year? To get in better shape, go on a diet and drop those pounds I tell myself I don't really carry or take that long awaited vacation I have been putting off. All of these sound well and good, and indeed they are, however what begins as a "resolve" for change in my life gives way to lack of interest or laziness. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Each of us make a regular resolutuion or "resolve", to allow God to work in our lives and we start out with great intentions. But once we have taken a few "blows" from the evil one, does our resolve turn into being tired of fighting the battle? When we become tired something is taking place that shouldn't. WE are fighting battle instead of allowing the spirit God's spirit fight in our stead!!!

Galatians 5 speaks of the flesh waging war against the spirit, however if we walk in the spirit we will not give into the fleshly lusts of the world, why? Glad you asked, because it is not you working but rather the sprit of God working in you!!

So if you have made the resolve to lead a more spiritual life, to be that piece of the puzzle you are called to be. YOU must get out of the way so that the HE can increase! Happy New Year and may this year bring you more spiritual peace than the last!

Abide in HIM,