Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sharing My Favorite Gift!

I remember several years ago the Christmas of 1977 (I was 10 years old at the time). I had been hinting around for several months leading up to it, that I wanted a bike like my friends on the block. But not just any bike would do, it must be red/white and black for I was very specific on what I wanted (which to me was a NEED and not a want).

Well Christmas morning came and after we had finished opening all of the packages ( our living room looking like a scene right out of War of the Worlds) I thought there still must be one gift yet to be given. As I looked at my Mom and Dad with a look of "haven't you guys forgotten something" my Dad said "Well kids, I hope you enjoy all the gifts and we realize we didn't get everything you asked for, however we did the best we could" as you can imagine I was CRUSHED! How could they not have picked up on my hints about the red/white and black bike? I did everything short of take out a front page ad in the local newspaper! And on top of that, my Dad asked me if I would go out into the garage and get some bags so that we could clean up the mess we had made with all the wrapping paper.

As I opened the door to the garage my disappointment has turned into mass disbelief as standing right in front of me was the one gift I thought had eluded me the Red-White and Black bike!!!!!! At this point I totaly forgot what Dad had sent me into the garage for ( I came to find out later he didn't send me out there for trash bags afterall). I didn't take very long before I was going to all of my friends house to show off my new bike and to share my excitment with them. I loved the gift so much that I couldn't wait to share the gift with other's around me. It wasn't that I had to think if I should share it but rather, how many people can I share this special gift with in a short period of time??

My question for ALL of us today is, how excited are we to share the most precious gift, the most perfect gift and that being the gift of our Lord and Savior Jesus Chrsit?

As children or as adults for that matter, we all enjoy receiving gifts. I will tell you that I love Christmas I am just a big kid when it comes to gifts. The kids and I always pick up the wrapped gifts and shake them and try and guess what is inside. The excitment of trying to guess what it is and even greater excitment of knowing it has MY name on it fills my heart with joy. So too does the gift of the cross of Jesus Christ have YOUR name on it, but not your's only but for all those "who would have an ear to hear". This blog is not intended to be an in-depth bible study but rather a study of your personnal relationship to Jesus Christ. How many of us on Christmas morning completley ignore the big box in the middle of the room, wrapped with a "RED" ribbon and bow, with a HUGE hand written note on it that say's To: You From:Dad? I would guess that none of us do for it is beautiful, hand addressed to me. So too is the gift of Jesus Christ.

Let us remember that the gift is for each of us, however as we saw in the example of the bike it is a gift that is meant to be sharred!!!!!!!! Find your strength in Him and Him alone and remember, it is His words that shall procede out of your mouth and not those of your own.

Grace and Peace

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Is Your Calander Full??

Each day I will do my best to update the blog with a new post and topic of discussion for us, having said this it got me to thinking "How do I make time for another activity on my calander?"

Each of us are so busy with activities, kids, appointments just with keeping schedules and it got me to thinking "What does my calander say about my walk with the Lord?" Is my calander so full of "stuff" that I simply do not have room to "pencil" in time with the Father? As hard as it is to admit, I have fallen pray to this and wonder if maybe I'm not alone?

We have a funny way of trying to "justify" our inability to spend time with the one that gave His life for us. We wrap it up in the fact that I attend service on Sunday or "I'm there everytime the doors are open on Wed night", but are we really WITH HIM in those times? I would like for all of us to ask ourselves the question "Father am I truly giving you my best?" let's all take some spiritual "inventory" and see what the Father would reveal to us. I look forward to hearing all of your comments and invite you to join us every Thursday Night at 7:00pm at the South Plains CoC Annex for a time of vibrant praise and worship.

God Bless,